The Critical Media Project is designed to serve high school instructors and other educators who seek to incorporate media literacy into the classroom. The site contains a wide range of media artifacts that explore the politics of identity across issues of race and ethnicity, class, gender and sexuality. 


  • Visit our overview page to learn more about the overall goals of the Critical Media Project, and to find out what makes this website different from other media literacy efforts.
  • Visit the "who are you?" page to learn about some of the key concepts that are foundational to this project, and provide a useful overview to the topics on your left.
  • If you want to jump right in, click on the categories to the left to read specific topic overviews (with downloadable lesson plans and worksheets) and see featured media in several categories.
  • Click on the tabs to the right to sort through the hundreds of tagged media examples that this website contains.
  • Each media example includes a description and discussion questions.
  • Each text overview includes a set of questions ("do nows"), brief background and historical context, as well as the topic's application to everyday life and the media.
  • The site also contains a glossary of terms, class activities, useful links to popular press and internet resources, and a bibliography for further reading.
  • See the common core section for ideas on applying the material in your classroom.

Please note that some of the materials contained on this website touch on controversial issues, use foul language and discuss adult themes. We believe it is necessary to include media such as this in order to have an open and honest discussion about the politics of identity in historical and contemporary media.

These are all important, but potentially sensitive topics. We hope you will use the general topic overviews and wide range of media as supplements to your own curriculum,  the foundation for indepdent lesson plans and units, or springboards to promote critical thinking and class discussion. The entire site is designed as a building block, with the ultimate goal of encouraging critical thinking in the context of thoughtful pedagogy. 

We are a work in progress, and are always in the process of uploading more content to the site. We are excited that you are here to take part in this exciting new venture!