This glossary provides simple and basic definitions to some very complex concepts. It is recommended that you use these definitions as a jumping off point to more deeply engage these terms, learn how to understand them, and apply them.

token, tokenism

the practice of including one or a few members of a minority into an existing group, generally for the purposes of protecting against claims of discrimination


individuals who behave or present themselves in gendered ways that are not typically associated with their biological set


individuals who identify as the gender not typically associated with their biological sex


a process in which an actor is repeatedly assigned similar roles based on their identification with a specific physical or performance-based trait


a state in which a particular group enjoys less visibility, voice or power within a particular institution, relative to their representation in the broader society


the state of being commonly seen and properly represented in media depictions


distinct from being white, whiteness refers to an unmarked and unnamed place of advantage, privilege or domination; a lens through which white people tend to see themselves and others; an organizing principle that shapes institutions, policies, and social relations.