Media tagged Gay

Subaru Outback Ad - Gay Male Couple


This Subaru car commercial depicts an animated Subaru driving through various neighborhoods and landscapes. Throughout the advertisement, written questions scroll on the bottom of the screen, asking big questions about the nature of life. "How do you see yourself?", "What do you see yourself doing?", "Where do you see yourself going?", "How will you get there?" At the end of the ad, we the car stops by a lake, and two men get out of the vehicle, walking together.

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Tylenol PM - Gay Couple


This is an ad for Tylenol-PM, a pain medication that is taken at night to help with sleep. The ad depicts the bare torsos of two men who are sharing the same bed. It implores potential buyers to not only think about how their pain is affecting their own sleep, but how it affects their partner's sleep as well: “His boyfriend’s backache is keeping him up.”

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