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Critical Media Literacy Conference of the Americas 2020

The Critical Media Literacy Conference of The Americas first took place on October 17, 2020

Steering Committee members: Antero Garcia (Stanford University); Noah Golden (California State University, Long Beach); Rhonda Hammer (University of California, Los Angeles); Nolan Higdon (California State University, East Bay); Amina Humphrey (California State University, Dominguez Hills); Douglas Kellner (University of California, Los Angeles); Clifford Lee (Mills College); Elena Marquez (Chapman University); Raúl Alberto Mora (Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Sede Central Medellín); Reina Robinson (Center for Urban Excellence); Jorge Rodriguez (Chapman University); Roberto de Roock ( University of California,  Santa Cruz); Jeff Share (University of California, Los Angeles); Alison Trope (University of Southern California)

You can view videos of the conference keynote and other panels below:

This recording of the “Welcome Panel Discussion from the 2020 Critical Media Literacy Conference of the Americas includes commentary from Antero Garcia, Raelene Holmes, Douglas Kellner, Safiya Noble, & Reina Robinson.
“Arts-based Critical Media Literacy as Radical Practice in Higher Education Scholarship and Learning” with Theresa Redmond, Jennifer Luetkemeyer, Tempestt Adams, Jewel Davis, & Peaches Hash
“Pandemic Critical Media & Information Literacy: Liberation or a return to hegemony?” with Ralph Beliveau, Spencer Brayton, Natasha Casey, & Michelle Ciccone
”Data Literacy and Fake News” (Lesley Farmer); “You Cannot Convince Them, But You Can Understand Them: How to Address Conspiracy Belief and Its Supporters” (Alan Goldenbach); “Uncovering the Practice of Native Advertising in the Critical News Media Literacy Classroom” (Samantha Stanley)
“Playing the Card: Introducing Critical RACE to Media Literacy Education” with Gordon Alley-Young, Allen Berry, Judith Rosenbaum, Andre Jayne Cubbage, Kimberly Moffitt, & Wendy Weinhold
“Media MOJO: CommOn Power Tools + Simple Storytelling Strategies for our Digital Age” (Allison Butler, Nolan Higdon); “Time to Put Your Marketing Cap On: Mapping Corporate Media Curriculum” (Carl Bybee, Rachel Guldin); “Media, Society, and Ecology: Using Capra & Luisi’s The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision to Teach Media in the Anthropocene” (Yonty Friesem); “Fighting the digital divide: Civic Media graduate students working with five vulnerable communities in Chicago during the COVID-19 Pandemic” (Rob Williams)

“Critical Crisis Response: Social Media as a Counter-Narrative Tool” with Gina Baleria Fawn & Elise Canady
“Youth as Creators: A Media Literacy Case Studywith Natasha Casey, Renee Childs, Charlotte Cheung, & Diana Edmonds
“Demystifying Narrative Writing Through the Medium of Podcasting and Digital Portfolios” (Stacey Cler); “Creating Curating, Collaborating: Developing Critical Media Consumers & Creators” (Alison Trope) “Witches, Wolves, and Cyborgs: Memes, Minor Literature of Immanence” (Iowyth Witteman); “The Conditioning IS the Content: How Content Creators Can Use Media Literacy Skills in Conscious Ways to Decolonize Content” (Ava Montgomery)

“Critical Media Literacy, Project Censored, and the Propaganda Model with Steve Macek, Robin Andersen, Mickey Huff, & Andy Lee Roth.
“Ecojustice and Decolonization with Ecomedia Literacy” with Antonio Lopez, Jeff Share, & Theresa Redmond.
“Global Crackdown: How Freedom of Speech and Expression is Being Attacked Globally, and its Far-Reaching Consequences. What can we do about it?” with Robin Andersen, Arthur Hayes, Steve Macek, & Yehia Ghanem
“Artists Decolonizing Literacies,” “Documenting Blackness in Mexico,” “Invisible Roots:  Afro-Mexicans in Southern,” and “
Zoom, Water, and Activist-Art”
with Ebony Bailey, Tiffany Medois, & Penelope Lowder
“Santa Ana Youth Media Project: Community, Expression, and Self-Determination” with Jorge Rodriguez, Yenni Diaz, Avery Tang, & Elena Marquez.

“Deconstructing Decolonizing Practices of Community Media; Getting to know the Times Square Characters of New York City” (Mary Grueser, Oscar Fasser); “Houston Youth P.O.W.E.R. Research Project: Histories Of Black + Brown Resistance P.O.W.E.R. = Project (On) /Organizing / Writing / Editing (and) / Reporting” (Luis Duno-Gottberg, James Paul Stancil II); “Seeking Justice in Our Own Backyard: Decolonizing Media Production in Unprecedented Times” (Lauren G. McClanahan); “Positive Media Matters” (Elaine Stevens Parke, Carrie Lynn Leonard)
Exploring Identity, Agency, & Empowerment
Navigating teacher agency in Bolivia’s centralized Education System” (Daniela Sepulveda); “Engaging and Empowering Youth Through Research on Media and Digital Literacy Across Canada” (Samantha McAleese & Kara Brisson-Boivin); “Natives Making News: Toward a More Authentic and Ethical Representation of American Indian Identity, Issues” (Melissa Greene-Blye); “Muxerista and Joteria Pedagogies in the Cisheteronormative ChicanO Classroom” (Anita Revilla)
Critical Media Production and Classroom Practice
Co-constructed Media Curriculum” (Lucius Von Joo); “A Discussion on Constructing a Student Based Media Literacy Show” (David Gracon & Harry Smith); “Making Alternative Media Matter Through Critical Production Pedagogy” (J.D. Swerzenski); “Using Critical Media Analysis to Challenge a Monolingual Mindset” (Carla Chamberlin)

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