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axe body spray commercial

This 2006 commercial for Axe Body Spray depicts a stampede of bikini-clad women running toward a single man who is applying the product to his body. The women look almost like animals in the way that they run through the wilderness, while the man has a satisfied grin on his face. The music is dramatic and reaches its climax as the women reach the single man. The tagline reads: “Spray More – Get More – The Axe Effect”.


How do you think the advertisers wanted viewers to read this commercial? Did they want viewers to see it as a joke, to take it literally?

What type of role, if any, do advertisements like this play in shaping men’s expectations of women’s role in society?


This advertisement can be critiqued for dehumanizing women, who are seen here as animalistic in their desire and only useful for their sexual prowess. It also can be seen as building up unrealistic expectations among both men and women about women’s bodies, as well as about the ways in which women should be of service to men in society.

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