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lady footlocker

This commercial for Lady Foot Locker features a woman at the gym. She appears to be in competition with herself, pushing herself to work harder and do more. We hear her inner monologue as she chastises herself for not doing better. Her twin “better self” image is shown working out next to her at various machines throughout the gym, having a more toned body, doing more repetitions of exercises, and running more gracefully and for more distance and time on the treadmill. The end of the commercial features the woman without her imagined twin, throwing down her jump rope with an accompanying shout. A man working out nearby looks up at the sudden outburst, and then sneakers are shown, with a woman’s voice saying, “The shoes to push yourself. At Lady Foot Locker.”


What kind of motivational style is being used by the woman to push herself during her workout? Are there other ways to push oneself? Why do you think this particular dialogue and approach was used?

What implications about health are being made in this ad? What is the relationship between health and beauty in our society? How do media and advertising help shape this connection?

How are Lady Foot Locker and Foot Locker different? What is the implication that “Foot Locker” is not called “Men’s Foot Locker”? What are parallel examples in the world of sports?

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