Playlist: Disability in the Media

Explaining Disability In/Through Media

These examples show, through fiction and non-fiction, how individuals experience both physical and cognitive disabilities. Choose one or more.

Stereotypes & Stigma

These media example address the stereotypes about and stigma against disabled people in the media and in daily life. Choose one or more.

Appropriation & Invisibility

These media examples illustrate the practice of “crip-dragging,” where non-disabled people represent disabled people in the media. Choose one or more.

Mainstreaming Disability

These examples show physically and cognitively disabled people in the mainstream media. Choose one or more

Commodity Activism

These ads use real and fictional people with physical disabilities in order to promote their products, and offer messages of empowerment. Choose one or more.

activism & advocacy

In these examples, media companies, non-profits, and individuals use media to advocate for disabled people. Choose one or more.

your turn!

Get inspired by the media and issues you’ve been exposed to. Think about and create a media project that responds to a disability issue in your family or community. Alternately, comment on the representations of disabilities in media/social media you regularly view.

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