Playlist: Feminism

Before showing the following media, have students brainstorm stereotypes associated with femininity + feminism. Frame feminism historically in the context of civil rights movements.

Defining Femininity & Disciplinary Practices

The following media explore the meanings, characteristics and connotations of femininity, allowing for a discussion of requirements (or disciplinary practices) that support and perpetuate feminine norms. Establishing definitions of gender and ideas about gender as a social construction will help lay the groundwork for a discussion of feminism and the rationale for social, political and economic change. Choose one or more:

Defining Feminism

Show this video created by the Feminist Majority which attempts to define feminism and to deflect popular negative associations and stereotypes:

Feminism as "Problem"

These examples explore popular media portraits of feminism gone wrong. Choose one or more:

Girl Power and Post-Feminism

These examples depict female empowerment and strength, sometimes conflated with sexual power. Choose one or more:

Commodity Feminism

Building off a discussion of girl power and sexual power, these examples explore ways in which feminism or feminist rhetoric is associated with consumer products and brands. Choose one or more:

Intersectional Feminism

These examples explore the ways in which race and intersectionality are key component of contemporary feminist discourse, allowing for a discussion of whiteness and second wave feminist history. Choose one or more:

Feminist Issues & Politics

These examples explore specific political and social issues in contemporary feminist politics from birth control to the wage gap to gendered violence. Choose one or more:

your turn!

Get inspired by the media and issues you’ve been exposed to. Think about and create a media project with a feminist message. What are the key issues you want to address? What is the best (most strategic way) to address your issues or advocate for your ideas?

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