Playlist: Gender In The Media

Growing Up and Navigating Gender

These media examples help address how individuals come to understand their gender from a young age through socially constructed ideas about what masculinity and femininity mean. Such ideas come through in media, popular, and consumer culture, and due to their prevalence, establish norms around the way we see and understand gender identities. Choose one or more:

Gender Norms

These examples demonstrate the variety of ways we see ideas about femininity and masculinity framed as norms in advertising, movies, television and streaming, fashion, online and social media. They provide opportunities to think about how gender norms and stereotypes are performed and understood within our culture and in everyday life. Choose one or more:


These examples point to the way different individuals’ bodies are objectified based on their gender. Consider how treating someone as an object can impact their power or agency. Is objectification different for men, women, transgender or other non-conforming individuals? Choose one or more:

Gender Discrimination

These examples explore different ways in which individuals face discrimination or limited opportunities in the workplace or due to systemic, institutional, or cultural bias.

Gendered Marketing & Products

Media and other consumer products are marketed according to demographics, according to gender and other identity markers (race, age, sexual orientation, income level, etc.). Consider how products designed for women and men look different and are marketed differently.

Activism and Advocacy Around Gender Roles and Representations in Media

These examples show how a range of media types can be used as a tool to challenge stereotypical representations and ideas about gender as well as advocate for change. Choose one or more and consider the possibilities and limitations offered by each example. Consider how you might create media to challenge traditional gender representations.

your turn!

Get inspired by the media and issues you’ve been exposed to. Think about and create a media project that responds to the ways you see gender coming up in your family or community. Alternately, pick a piece of media/social media and create a critique or commentary on its representation(s) of gender.

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