Playlist: Immigration, Diversity, and ‘The American Dream’ In The Media

The following videos explore the “politics” of immigration and how ideas of a ‘melting pot’ have shaped the way we understand America and its borders. Are immigrants supposed to assimilate? Retain their own cultures? Or, try to navigate a middle ground? The videos also prompt us to think about what “difference” means, how it comes up in the media and stories we see on a daily basis, and whether or not some individuals, depending on their ancestry or skin color, are more valued than others. Some of the examples wrestle with the realities and difficulties of assimilation, while others more overtly satirize or critique common perceptions and stereotypes about race.

After looking at the media and considering these questions, create your own piece of media that

  • explains the American Dream, or
  • offers an immigration story from your family, or
  • answers the question: ‘what does it mean to belong?.’

Stuck? Take a look at our DIY section for ideas!

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