Playlist: Race & Ethnicity In The Media

Defining Stereotypes

The examples from this BuzzFeed series help set up and define what stereotypes are and how they operate in the context of media and interpersonal relationships. It might be useful to have students list stereotypes they’ve heard in relation to a particular group before showing the video(s). Choose one or more:

Growing Up and Navigating Race & Ethnicity

These first person narratives help address how individuals come to understand their identities, and the way those identities have stereotypes and social constructed ideas attached to them. Choose one or both:

Diversity, Immigration, and the “American Dream”

These videos offer two different media constructions and perspectives on the American Dream, allowing classes to discuss how values tied to the “melting pot” and assimilation were created and shape our current understandings of immigration and who is American.

Race & Ethnicity in Media and Popular Culture

These examples demonstrate the variety of ways we see race and ethnicity in advertising, movies, fashion, online and social media. Choose one or more:

Activism and Advocacy Around Race & Ethnicity

These examples show how media can be used as a tool to challenge stereotypical representations and ideas about race and ethnicity as well as advocate for change. Choose one or more:

your turn!

Get inspired by the media and issues you’ve been exposed to. Think about and create a media project that responds to experiences tied to race and ethnic identities in your community or comments on the race or ethnic representations in media/social media you regularly view.

Stuck? Take a look at our DIY section for ideas!

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