Playlist: Religion in the Media

Religious Demographic Shifts

These examples highlight some of the recent demographic and cultural shifts that are taking place in the United States around the topic and practice of religion. These videos also contend with some of the broader implications of these shifts. Choose one or more:

Religion as Identity

These examples address the many ways that identity and religion are intertwined. Some of the media highlight how religion is a key source of pride in one’s identity, while others show how religious identity can conflict with other important elements of identity, such as gender or sexual orientation. All of these examples offer opportunities to discuss how different religions are represented in the media, as well as the connotations associated with those representations. Choose one or more:

Religious Beliefs & Rituals

These examples offer varying portrayals of different religious beliefs and/or rituals. Consider the varied representations of beliefs and rituals, and how does they connect to other representational issues like race, class, and stereotyping. Choose one or more:

Religious Persecution

These examples highlight how religion is often a reason behind the persecution of certain groups. Consider discussing how persecution has changed–or not– over the course of history. Are certain groups persecuted more than others? Choose one or more:

Religious Hypocrisy

These examples highlight the ways some people and/or groups hide behind their religious beliefs to achieve aims that run counter to the teachings of their religion. Are certain elements of religious teachings more or less susceptible to hypocritical behavior? Choose one or more:

your turn!

Get inspired by the media and issues you’ve been exposed to. Think about and create a media project that responds to religion as experienced in your family or community. Alternately, pick a piece of media and create a commentary or critique of its representations of religion.

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