Tory Middleton

The Critical Media Project had shone a light on many factors in my life. I wasn’t aware of the impact social media had on my life or thought process. The project allowed me to really get in depth with my true character and actions. It made me question, “why am I the way that I am?” I would have never been able to make that one step towards self-acceptance if it weren’t for all of the soul searching assignments and personal reflections. The Critical Media Project helped me embrace my strengths and weaknesses. It gave me an insight on how media toys with these strengths and weaknesses of mine and my fellow classmates. It’s not that we’re being controlled or anything, but it’s relevance is quite high in this day of age. Now I’ve learned that most people are extremely tech-dependent. We rely on media to sustain our self-esteem levels, fuel our bank of knowledge, and grow our interests. There’s so much I’ve learned from this project – so much that I want to investigate more into – I wouldn’t know how to fit it all into a few sentences.

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