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16 And Pregnant Trailer

16 and Pregnant (2009-present) is an MTV reality series. It follows pregnant teenage girls as they deal with the difficulties of being pregnant in high school and raising a baby at such a young age. The show has inspired several popular spin-offs, including most notably the Teen Mom franchise. It has also been controversial, with some applauding its realistic portrayal of teenage motherhood, and authors arguing it glamorizes and encourages teen moms.


Based on the trailer, what is the message that you think producers are trying to send to their target audience?

How does social class function in teen mom? Does class matter in terms of how teen motherhood is perceived and handled in society?

Several of the series’ protagonists have since become quite famous (one of them – Farrah Abraham – notoriously, from a post-show sex tape). What impact does this newfound fame have on the way the show – and its topic of teenage pregnancy – is perceived?

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