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30 Rock – Gossip Girl Audition

This clip comes from a 2011 episode of the NBC sitcom 30 Rock. In it, the character Jenna is set to go on an audition for Gossip Girl, mistakenly thinking that she is reading the part of the college freshman when she is actually being called in to read for the part of the mother. While coming from a comedic sitcom, the clip reflects the real world experience not just of Hollywood actresses, but of many women in other professions throughout society.


How is aging portrayed in this clip?

At the end of the scene, Jenna screams in horror – should the aging process be something that is embraced by women or seen as something to be battled against?

What are some of the social and professional factors that influence how women perceive the value of getting older?

What are other examples of how we’re taught to respond to the idea of aging, is it something you’ve been told to embrace or fear?

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