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adland gal


LowLow, a UK-based low calorie cheese producer, created this satirical advertisement, “Adland Gal” which parodies three female archetypes in diet commercials: the smug gal, the ditzy gal, and the muffin gal. The smug gal munches on celery sticks and crackers to blissfully fit into her tight jeans. The ditzy gal prances around, yogurt in hand. The muffin gal obsesses about her weight while being haunted throughout the day by desserts she must resist. The video ends by asking viewers if they are tired of clichés.


What does the satirical ad say about women’s relationship with food?

Do you recognize the clichéd dieting women from advertisements you’ve seen?

How are women in food commercials typically portrayed? How does this differ from men in food commercials?

Why do you think LowLow created this satirical piece? Is the critique they are sending negated at all by the fact that it was produced by a corporation selling food?

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