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ali baba bound — looney tunes

In this 1940 episode of Looney Tunes, Porky Pig, who is working for the French Foreign Legion, gets a secret message that “Ali-Baba and his Dirty Sleeves” are going to attack the desert fort. Porky and his camel are left alone to defend the fort against Ali-Babi and his attackers, and a series of typical Looney Tunes gags ensue.


What stereotypes about people from the Arab world does the video reflect? Use evidence from the cartoon. (Hint: be sure to pay attention to the signs and other written material!)

Cartoons are often seen as good, wholesome fun.  Do you think this cartoon should be read that way, or do the ethnic stereotypes present in this cartoon have the potential for negative ramifications?

Can you identify any stereotypes in this cartoon that still persist in our media today?

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