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american women in hijabs: struggle and strength

This video, produced by the Los Angeles Times in 2016, discusses the experiences of Muslim women in America who wear hijabs. Hijabs are headscarves worn by Muslim women. The women speak about the various personal and religious reasons one may choose to wear a hijab. The women also address the stigma surrounding their religion. One of the women recounts her family feeling worried after the 2015 San Bernardino attack, believing that her hijab would make her a target for discrimination. While the hijabs make the women targets for anti-Muslim remarks, they assert that wearing the hijab is a form of their self-expression.


What is a hijab? Who wears a hijab? What are the reasons one might wear a hijab?

What are the stereotypes surrounding the hijab? What implications do these generalizations have on women who wear hijabs?

How may a woman who wears a hijab experience life differently from a woman who does not wear a hijab?

Are there other religions that use garments or accessories as a form of religious expression?

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