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ANTM-Will & Denzel

In cycle 21 of America’s Next Top Model (2014), a conflict arises between two of the show’s contestants–Will and Denzel. Show creator and super model, Tyra Banks, uses the judge’s review portion of the show to call out Denzel for his homophobic comment about Will’s decision to wear heels. During the confrontation, Will lets Denzel know this kind of prejudice is an everyday struggle for him, while Denzel assures Will that they can still be friends and that the views he expressed were not his own, but those of many of his friends back home. Banks calls Denzel out for his narrow-minded views, and compares Denzel’s homophobia to racism.


What is Denzel’s comment and how does it make Will feel?

Why does Tyra intervene, prodding Will to confront Denzel? How does Denzel respond to Will and Tyra?

What does Denzel need to learn about the fashion industry, according to the judges?

Why does Tyra ask Denzel to imagine a scenario 50 years earlier? What would be different for Denzel and Will? What would be the same?

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