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Are More Americans Becoming Disconnected With Religion? (Fox News)

In this Fox News “Spirited Debate” segment, Maggie Ardiente (Communications Director, American Humanist Association) and Dr. Robert Jeffress (Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX) discuss the findings of a new study that says Americans are becoming less connected to organized religion, but still believe in prayer.


What is the argument that is being put forth here? What are the two sides that Ms. Ardiente and Dr. Jeffress represent?

Dr. Jeffress refers to “cultural Christians” and “genuine believers.” What does he mean by these terms? What is the difference between them?

What is the tension between what Ms. Ardiente calls “basic human rights” and what Dr. Jeffress calls “the objective truths of the Bible”? Why are these things in conflict?

How are spirituality, faith, and religion framed here? How are they different from each other?

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