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beyonce’s single ladies – girls dance

Beyonce’s 2008 hit Single Ladies epitomizes her uniquely powerful brand of girl power that’s come to define her entire career. The song sends a positive message to women about finding strength after a breakup, independent of a man. But how well does this message translate to a group of seven year old performers? This video clip, uploaded on Youtube, is from a children’s dance competition in which a troop of seven year old girls perform a routine to Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Dressed in lacy red and black outfits, their dance moves mimic Beyonce’s sexually suggestive routine.


Do you think the empowering qualities of Beyonce’s song shine through in this context? To what extent do you think the young dancers understand the content of the song or the implications of their dance moves?

Is this kind of dancing appropriate for children at any age? What should the parent/coach’s role be, if any, in determining what music and choreography is appropriate for their dancers?

What does a video like this say about how sexuality is learned by young children? Are there positive aspects to this? Is it a bad thing for society?


This video can open up a conversation about the influence of pop culture in influencing young people’s perceptions of femininity and sexuality. There are many who see examples like this as potentially harmful and damaging to the innocence and well-being of young people. Others think that such programs are all in good fun, and that there are more serious concerns to be occupied with in terms of potential dangers that young people face in society.

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