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Black. White.

This reality show was featured on the FX network in 2006. The plot involves a black family and a white family trading places (and race) through the use of heavy makeup. The idea is that they will have a chance to experience the day-to-day life of a person of another race. The show was produced by Ice Cube and RJ Cutler. Ultimately, the “reality” show was based on a false premise, as the white family was actually composed of professional actors. Black. White. received mixed reviews, as many believed that on makeup was hardly all it took for one to truly understand what life is like living as a person of a different race.


Do you think this method of understanding race has the potential to advance racial discussions, or does it ultimately detract from racial progress? In what ways?

Why do you think the creators of the show decidedto opt for actors instead of using a real-life white family?

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