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boys will be girls (harvard sailing team)

“Boys Will Be Girls” is a sketch comedy produced by the Harvard Sailing Team (a New York sketch comedy troupe) whose members take part in a conversation stereotypical of female friend groups. Much of their conversation revolves around eating–whether they should eat during the show, what they ate earlier in the day, whether they’ll eat when they go out later with their girlfriends, whether they should share something to eat, whether they should go on a diet.


What does the sketch tell us about female friends (what they do, what they talk about when they’re together, etc.)?

What does the conversation suggest about a woman’s relationship with food? How is food also related to her relationships with her friends and significant other?

How does the video depict a woman’s role in a romantic relationship?

Would this be a conversation amongst a group of male friends? Why or why not?

Why does the sketch use gender role reversal? Is it meant to be satirical? subversive critique? entertainment?

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