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Boyz in the Hood

Boyz n the Hood (1991) chronicles the story of three black teenagers growing up in South Central Los Angeles during the 1980s. Directed by John Singleton, the Academy-Award nominated movie has been praised for its intimate, powerful look into the black American experience. In this scene, character Furious Styles discusses the concept of gentrification with neighborhood youth. He uses a billboard to explain that when the property values in a neighborhood are brought down, the land is bought and sold for a higher profit; ultimately, this cycle displaces poorer residences as affluent individuals overtake their properties. Styles affirms that gentrification could be prevented if residents upheld their sense of solidarity.




How are we introduced to the neighborhood in this scene? What are the sights and sounds?

How does Styles use the billboard to explain the concept of gentrification?

How does Styles explain and reframe ideas held by the folks from the neighborhood? about media representation? drugs? gang violence?

Who is Styles referring too when he says “they want us to kill ourselves”?

How is the issue of gentrification still prevalent today? Have you seen gentrification or its effects in your community? Where? How?




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