britney spears – airbrushing

These images of pop star Britney Spears were released after a photoshoot for the “Candie’s at Kohl’s” marketing campaign in 2010. They depict side-by-side images of Spears — one side shows the raw, unretouched images, while the other side shows the digitally retouched or “airbrushed” versions that were used in the campaign. The side-by-side depiction allows for a comparison of the changes that were made in their efforts to “clean it up” — including removing cellulite and making Britney’s waste smaller. Britney was apparently on board with showing the side-by-side comparison to the public.


Take a look at the changes between the original and the retouched versions. Why do you think those specific alterations were made? Why do you think digital retouching of body images has become so widespread in media and advertising?

Why would Britney Spears have consented to allowing these side-by-side images to be shown? Do you think it is in the best interest of celebrities to show what goes on with respect to digital image retouching and airbrushing? Why or why not?

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