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charlie’s angels – full throttle

The first video is a trailer that was produced as a way to promote Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle. The blockbuster film of 2003 was a sequel to 2000’s Charlie’s Angeles, which itself was based upon a popular 1970s television show. Played by Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Lui, the crime-fighting Angels team is portrayed as an elite female unit that is courageous and strong. They’re also not afraid to use their good looks and sexual prowess as a way to trick their unwitting enemies into getting caught. The sequel features the three Angels taking on a former colleague, played by Demi Moore.


What are some adjectives that you would use to describe the “Angels” as they are depicted in these trailers? What are their primary strengths or weaknesses?

The Angels are depicted as using their sexuality to help fight crime – do you think their sexual nature helps increase their power, ultimately detracts from their power, or is it some combination of both?


Films like those in the Charlie’s Angels series are often seen as a mixed bag in terms of promoting female empowerment. In one sense, the films depict strong, independent females in roles that are traditionally thought to be reserved for male action heroes. On the other hand, the female stars’ sexuality is a big part of their persona, and they are often depicted in skimpy clothes and participating in sexualized activities. It can be argued that, given the small proportion of female action stars, these depictions are ultimately problematic for that reason.

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