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cheerios, biracial family ad (2013)

This 2013 Cheerios commercial features an interracial couple and their daughter. After learning that Cheerios is good for your heart and can help lower cholesterol, the daughter covers her dad’s chest in dry cereal as he’s napping on the couch. When the ad aired online via Youtube and Facebook, it immediately sparked controversy with some consumers praising and others harshly criticizing the ad and its casting choices. The ad generated so much backlash on Youtube that the online channel decided to close the comments section.


Why does this ad cast people of different races to play the mother, father and daughter?

Is racial identity part of the story the ad is telling or the product it is selling?

Does the ad make any commentary or political statement (implicit or explicit) about race or interracial relationships? If so, how?

This ad received some negative attention when it first aired. Why do you think it was potentially controversial?

Youtube producers, The Fine Bros., created this “Kids React” video in response to the controversy. How might you respond to the ad and to the controversy?

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