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CNN Explains the Occupy Movement

In this Youtube video from CNN (a 24-hours cable news network started in 1980), reporter Christine Romans explains the Occupy movement. Over images of protestors, Romans indicates that Occupy is different than other protest movements. She tells the audience that the protestors are trying to raise awareness of the growing income gap in the United States. Through the video, Romans further attempts to address questions such as “What are they protesting?” “What would make them happy?” and “Who are the 99%?”


What is the core issue of the protest movement discussed in this video? What are its demands?

What images do you see in this video? How do these images convey ideas about the protestors and the Occupy movement?

Is Romans a part of this movement or community? How do we see her relationship to it through the video and the way it’s constructed (narration, text, music, images, editing)?

What contemporary protest movements can you think of? How are they similar to and different from the Occupy Movement?

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