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cvs ad – asian american family

This 2009 ad for CVS pharmacy features an Asian-American mother and her twin boys. The mother speaks of the financial value she gets from CVS’s 2 for 1 plan, especially with her twins. The content of the commercial is hardly notable or unique — and that is exactly why it drew praise from some segments of the Asian American community, who praised its portrayal of a “normal” Asian-American family.


How is this family portrayed compared to other Asians or Asian-Americans in the media? Do they fit or challenge stereotypes of Asians or Asian-Americans?

Why might this ad be celebrated for its portrayal of Asian-Americans?

Do you think this kind of “normal” (or, as one blogger called it, “All-American”) portrayal of Asian-Americans is typical or rare? Does the label “All American” imply that the family has assimilated to American culture? Does it imply that the family is denying or rejecting its Asian roots?

Do companies like CVS have a responsibility to represent racial and ethnic groups in particular ways?

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