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dr. pepper – ten commercial

Dr. Pepper 10 is a soft drink that was launched in 2011. This commercial is a parody of an action movie, and the actor speaks directly to the camera when he presents the tag line of the ad campaign: “It’s Not For Women”. The soda can itself asserts that the drink has “10 BOLD Tasting Calories”.


What is the aim of Dr. Pepper in launching Dr. Pepper 10 as an alternative to Diet Dr. Pepper? Why would they specifically target men in this campaign?

What are some of the adjectives that get used to describe “manly products”, in this ad and in others?


This advertisement and its associated campaign could be critiqued for using stereotypical notions of masculinity as a ploy to sell a product that is not very different from the well established “Diet Dr. Pepper”. It also might be seen as intentionally and rudely excluding women from its consumer base.

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