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Easy A (Marianne Saving Olive)

Easy A (2010) is a contemporary adaptation of The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne that tells the story of 17-year-old Olive Penderghast. In order to shield her gay friend from persecution, Olive pretends to have sex with him at a party. After word gets around, other unpopular or otherwise outcast boys come and ask her for the same favor in exchange for gift cards to various stores. In this scene, Olive’s staunchly Christian classmate, Marianne Bryant, complains to her group of followers that, despite her best efforts, Olive has rebuffed Marianne’s attempts to intervene. Getting emotional, Marianne states that Jesus says to love everyone, even “the whores and the homosexuals,” but that it is really difficult for her to do so, because they keep “doing it” over and over. She then has her group make her– and God– a promise that they will “remain pure and chaste” until marriage.


Who is the group gathered with Marianne, and why are they discussing Olive and her behavior?

Why does Marianne ask the group to promise to remain pure and chaste until marriage? How does the promise relate to her perception of Olive as a problem?

Is this scene meant to be funny, or serious? How do we know? How are we supposed to view Marianne and the others in this scene?

What is the relationship between sexuality, homosexuality, and Christianity that this scene is pointing out, or critiquing?

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