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emporio armani-megan fox

This 2010 ad for Armani Jeans features model/actress Megan Fox and Portuguese soccer star Ronaldo. Shot as a short black-and-white style film, Ronaldo plays a room service attendant in an expensive hotel. He knocks on Fox’s door, and she answers wearing only lingerie and a silk gown. While he sets up the food tray in her room, she gets dressed in an adjoining room which is visible through a mirror. Several camera shots linger on Fox’s waist in her tight jeans, while Ronaldo looks increasingly curious and flustered as she dresses. When, fully clothed, she re-emerges and offers him a tip. He refuses the money, but says “Thank you very much.”


Why does Ronaldo thank Fox at the end of the video, even though he doesn’t accept the tip? What goods or services are exchanged between Ronaldo and Fox in this ad? Do these goods or services all have monetary value?

Do you think Ronaldo’s character in this ad is rich or poor? Why? Do you think Fox’s character in this ad is rich or poor? Why? How does the class status of each character play a role in the story and in the selling of the Armani brand?

Which of the characters (Ronaldo or Fox) have power in this ad? Why?

The opulent hotel setting, European accent, music and black-and-white film convey conventions of romance. Do you think this ad is romantic? Why or why not? How do these conventions help sell the jeans and the Armani brand?

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