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Family Guy – Brian’s date won’t say her age

Family Guy is a U.S. sitcom that first aired in 1999, created by Seth MacFarlane for Fox Broadcasting Company. It follows the life of the Griffins, a dysfunctional family. In this scene from the episode “Brian’s Got a Brand New Bag” which originally aired November 8th, 2009, we see the family having dinner together while they meet Brian’s date: Rita, and Peter obsessively trying to find out her age. Eventually, she admits she’s fifty and runs out of the room crying.


What questions does Peter ask Rita to try and figure out her age?

Why do you think Rita is reluctant to say her age?

When Rita admits she is fifty, she gets up and runs off crying. Why do you think she’s crying?

What social factors are related to the fact that most women don’t like to reveal their age?

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