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Gen Z

This video was produced by Global News, a private Canadian broadcaster. It features a series of Gen-Zers (i.e. people born after the year 2000), discussing which characteristics they believe define their generation. The video addresses stereotypes about teenagers and Gen-Zers, such as that they are lazy and obsessed with social media. The Gen-Zers featured in the video respond to this point by emphasizing how integral technology is to their lives, such as the use of social media to find and discuss current events or propagate activism. One young woman describes Gen-Z as “pragmatic,” an opinion reflected in how the Gen-Zers describe their relationship to work and dating. Diversity in this generation is also emphasized by the video, and the Gen-Zers themselves are skeptical about the use of the term Gen-Z to make sweeping generalizations about their generation.


How do Gen-Zers describe their relationship with technology in this video?

What do you think it means for Gen-Z to be “pragmatic?” What does this imply about other generations?

What did you notice about the people chosen to represent Gen-Z? What message do you think the producers of this video were sending with this choice?

Gen-Z and teenagers in general suffer from the perception that they are unconcerned with “serious” matters. How true do you think this is? If it is true, what do you think can be done to address this problem? If it’s not true, why do you think this myth persists?



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