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gente-fied (trailer)

Gente-fied is a web series that focuses on the experiences of the Boyle Heights neighborhood in Los Angeles as it grapples with the effects of gentrification. The series follows a range of mostly Mexican American characters as they negotiate neighborhood change. The series’ trailer introduces some of these residents, hinting at their complicated identities, and some of the cultural, generational, and class conflicts that gentrification can bring.


What is gentrification, and how does it affect different groups of people?

What are some of the gentrification-related issues the trailer refers to?

In this trailer, which parts of the community do we see longtime residents and newcomers interact? What are some of the misunderstandings and conflicts that occur?

How does this trailer challenge stereotypical depictions of Mexican-Americans and Latinx?

How does this trailer bring in other facets of identity that impact the Latinx community (e.g. sexual identity, other races, etc.)?

Why do you think this series was originally produced as a web series? Do you think this series can be successfully broadcast on television or a streaming provider such as Netflix? Why or why not?

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