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growing up transgender and mormon (2015)

This short film from National Geographhic’s Short Film Showcase follows the story of Eri Hayward and her lifelong struggle with gender identity. Though Eri felt she was a girl from an early age, her Mormon upbringing didn’t allow her to embrace being transgender until she was an adult. The film explores her family’s journey to accept her gender identity and concludes with her trip to Thailand to undergo sexual reassignment surgery.


What is transgender identity and how does it specifically relate to Eri’s identity in the film?

Why does Eri’s journey become the subject of a documentary? Does the film have a message?

What role did faith play in Eri’s negotiation of her gender identity?

Do you think Eri’s journey would have been different if she was not raised in a Mormon community?

In what ways was her family supportive of her transition? What were their limitations?

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