gucci – guilty for him

These are two print advertisements for “Guilty”, a cologne produced by the Gucci company. The first ad is for the “Guilty For Her” perfume that was launched in 2010; the second is for the “Guilty Por Homme (for men)” cologne that was launched in 2011. Both advertisements feature a man and a woman, shirtless and in close contact. In the women’s version, the female stares directly into the camera; in the men’s version, the male stares directly into the camera.


In what ways does the male version of the ad differ from the female version? What do these differences communicate about the company’s sales strategy and intended audience?

In what ways do the ads serve to shape the audience’s ideas about masculinity and femininity?


Both of these advertisements might be critiqued for their use of sexually charged images to sell a product. The promise of the ads, it seems, is that the cologne or the perfume will bring the consumer great sexual prowess – the man exudes a rugged masculinity, while the woman appears beautifully seductive. Is this a promise that a fragrance can deliver for the consumer?

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