Healthy Food Map, South Los Angeles

Ride South L.A. is a website devoted to building community and advancing social justice in South L.A. This 2013 map from Ride South L.A. features healthy food options in South L.A., a historically black but today predominantly Latinx low income neighborhood in Los Angeles. The map shows markets, grocery stores, community gardens, highlighting those markets and convenience stores that have been “converted” to offer more nutritious food, such as Community Services Unlimited’s Mini Urban Farm, Mercado La Paloma, and Trust South L.A.. It emphasizes routes with shade, safe crossings, street lighting, and less traffic, and avoids routes with crumbling sidewalks, litter, and unsafe crossings.


What does this map show? What does it not show?

What two kinds of places and two kinds of routes are on the key for this map?

How does this map relate to Ride South L.A.’s goal of building community and
advancing social justice in South Los Angeles?

What are some of the reasons why South L.A. might need a Healthy Food Map?


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