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Jawline – Trailer

Jawline is a 2019 documentary film directed by Liza Mandelup. It was produced by Hulu, a U.S. streaming platform, majority-owned by The Walt Disney Company. The documentary follows the life of Austyn Tester, a 16-year-old from a small city that wants to be a famous influencer. While making videos from his cell phone talking about positivity, Austyn ends up getting a lot of followers. The documentary approaches the life of today’s digital media celebrities, exploring the challenges we don’t see behind their cell phone cameras.


Who is the main character of the movie and what is his goal?

How is Austin treated in the trailer? What kind of reception does he get from the public?

Why do you think Mandelup chose a documentary format to look at influencer culture? How does the format impact the themes of the film?

Do you follow any accounts similar to Austin? If yes, why do you follow them?

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