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jennifer lopez – venus commercial

This commercial for Gillette Venus razors features actress, singer, and dancer Jennifer Lopez in various roles. She is pictured performing on stage, walking the red carpet in an evening gown, at dance practice in a dance studio, recording music in a recording studio, in a bath robe shaving in a bathroom, and as a mom, running around on the beach with children. Over these images of her in these various roles, the Venus jingle, resung by Jennifer Lopez, plays in the background:

Every woman has an inner goddess/A feeling of confidence and strength, an inner sparkle, and an outer fabulous/You have the power to captivate and radiate/Goddess is when you put your best foot forward, followed by your most beautiful leg/Your smooth, sexy Venus leg/So with Venus, let’s get your goddess showing/Venus, reveal the goddess in you.


How is femininity represented in this commercial? What is the function of showing Jennifer Lopez in the various roles she plays?

How is the idea of an inner goddess used to sell the product? What are the implications being made if you don’t use the product?

What are the standards for beauty and body management implied by the advertisement? How do these ideals shape conceptions of attractiveness and unattractiveness? What kinds of standards for body management do men have? In what ways do beauty standards vary (e.g., by gender, race, nationality, religion, or age)?

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