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jessica alba, the honest life

This is a promotional video for Jessica Alba’s 2013 book The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You and her business The Honest Company, which provides a range of “unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable” baby products. In the video, Alba introduces herself as “mother, founder of The Honest Company, and actress” embarking on a journey to find “the happiest and healthiest life for my family.” This film includes snapshots of Alba playing with her children in a park; doing craft activities with her daughter; and, laughing while cooking home-made food in a spotless, white kitchen.

The background ukulele and light-filled scenes convey a sense of natural, effortless and blissful lifestyle. These images, along with the focus on the word ‘honest’, suggest that Alba’s portrayal of traditional femininity and motherhood is authentic and that she – like her company’s products – are trustworthy and the key to happiness.


How are motherhood and domesticity represented in this video?

Why does the company name, “honest” suggest? Is this idea of honesty tied to environmentalism? Is it tied to a particular type of femininity or motherhood?

How does the background music (ukulele) and lighting convey a particular kind of lifestyle and class status?

Do you see Jessica Alba more as an actress, businesswoman or mother in these scenes?

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