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Juantas Imporables (Nike)

“Juntas Imparables,” or “Unstoppable Together,” was Nike’s first Just Do It campaign in Mexico. The ad, released in 2018, opens in a car on a traffic-filled Mexico City street, in which a mother struggles to primp her daughter’s hair. The daughter resists, jumps out of the sunroof, and joins a runner who sprints by the car. Together, they inspire other women to take to the streets (including several real Mexican female athletes), before barreling through yellow caution tape and storming a construction site.


Why does the ad begin with the mother and daughter inside the car? How does this perspective shift once the daughter escapes the car, and starts running?

Which gender barriers and obstacles manifest as the women move through the city streets? How do the women in the video defy traditional gender roles–individually and as a collective?

Why cast real female athletes?

What is the tone as the ad progresses and reaches its climax?

How does this story help Nike sell its shoes and brand?


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