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Kwame Rose Confronts Geraldo Rivera in Baltimore (2015)

This raw, unedited video footage captures a confrontation between Baltimore resident Kwame Rose and Fox newscaster, Geraldo Rivera following Freddie Gray’s April 2015 death in police custody (tied to excessive force by police officers). Rose calls on Rivera to explain why mainstream news outlets like Fox highlight certain issues and events while ignoring others. Specifically, he compares the coverage of the unrest following Gray’s death to the lack of coverage of systemic issues such as poverty and homelessness in the city. Rose asks why Rivera uses the word “thug” to characterize protestors, while ignoring other forms of Black activism against violence like the 300-man march. This video went viral and received coverage in many mainstream media outlets.


What are some of the specific critiques of Fox and mainstream media Rose highlights in his confrontation with Rivera?

Why does Rose ask Rivera to “report for us”? What kind of reporting is Rose asking for?

While Rose claims, “this is not for YouTube; this is serious,” the video did go viral on YouTube and other platforms. Why do you think Rose made this statement?

What is potentially gained or lost in Rose’s confrontation of Rivera? Do you think this is an effective way to challenge mainstream media?


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