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lego friends

Lego Friends, introduced in 2012, is the latest product range in a series of Lego construction toys designed to appeal primarily to girls. The sets include “mini-doll” figures, which are larger and more detailed than regular Lego figurines, as well as building block sets designed to depict a fictional suburban town called “Heartlake City.” The building kits include a beauty salon, a suburban house, a “cool convertible,” and a veterinary clinic. Regarding the $40 million dollar global marketing push behind Lego Friends, Lego Group CEO told reporters, “we want to reach the other 50 percent of the world’s children.”


Describe the imagery used to create the Lego Friends toy series and commercials. How do the actors, figurines, color schemes, music, and animation used differ from what you may expect to see in a “regular” (that is, boy-oriented) Lego commercial? How about the various place settings available in “Heartlake City”? With this information in mind, what assumptions does the Lego company make about the interests of girls and boys?

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