levi’s-everybody’s work

This ad is part of Levi Strauss’s “Go Forth” campaign, launched in July 2012. With a black and white image, it depicts a man with a shovel across his shoulders, gazing off into the distance. He looks as if he is taking a break from hard physical labor. The image is overlaid with text: “Everybody’s work is equally important.”

For more on this campaign, read this article.


What is the meaning of, “Everybody’s work is equally important”? Do you think this is true in American society? Why or why not?

What types of values about America is Levi’s trying to portray in this ad? Why would they emphasize this in order to sell jeans?

Consider the visual elements of this ad. What social or ethnic groups would be most likely to find this ad appealing? What groups might feel excluded by the ad?

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