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Look Us In The Eye – The Old Women’s Project

This clip comes from the longer 2007 documentary called “Look us in the Eye: The Old Women’s Project”, that follows Cynthia Rich, Janice Keaffaber, and Mannie Garza, a group of older women activists. In this excerpt, they discuss some of the prejudices faced by older women, and then are documented protesting against President Bush.


What issue do we see the Old Women’s Project protesting?

Why do you think they chose this issue to protest?

Think about your reactions while watching this video – did you identify with the women? Find them inspiring? Funny? Ridiculous? Would you have had the same reactions had the women been of a younger age? Why or why not?

What are some of the words that are commonly associated with older people? How does language help shape the way we think about the capabilities and personalities of people of advanced age?

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