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Made with Code, Google

“Made with Code” is an advertisement that introduces Google’s Made with Code initiative. Made with Code began in 2014 as a project to encourage girls to become more involved with computer science and coding. The video introduces ideas of what can be done with coding, and encourages girls to learn how to code in order to make the world a better place.


How does the video describe code? What can people do with code? Who is narrating the voice over describing the power of code?

What do you notice about the images and people shown in this clip? How does the video transition from objects to human beings, and who does it focus on?

Who do you think the clip is designed to appeal to? Why? How does it use the second person (you) to address its audience?

Based on what is said in the video, what do girls gain who learn how to code? Do you think it is important for girls to learn how to code? Why or why not?

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