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Marielle Franco, a Brave Voice Assassinated

Telesur is a Latin American Television network from Venezuela that aims to promote the union and information of the countries of South America. In this video from TeleSur English, we learn more about the life and assassination of Brazilian politician Marielle Franco. Franco was a Black, lesbian, and Brazilian politician. She advocated for poor Black women, for the end of police brutality, and for many other social issues concerning women, Black and poor people. In 2017 she was elected councilwoman with the fifth largest vote in Rio de Janeiro in that vote. One of her main critiques was on the abuse of authority from the police. On March 14 in 2018 she was shot dead by two policemen. Despite it being many years since there are details surrounding her assassination that still have yet to be answered.


Who was Marielle Franco? What role did she have in Brazil? Had you heard of her before seeing this video?

In the video, we can see images of Franco speaking and videos of her in her community. Why is this kind of media important to represent her after her assassination?

Why do you think the assassination of Franco is such a sensitive subject for many Brazilians? Her case got international news attention, why do you think that is?

What does the murder of Franco by the police change about your knowledge of Brazil? Do you think in the 21st century the assassination of political figures only happens in Brazil? Can you think of an example of a similar case in other countries?

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