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Miley Cyrus–It’s a Liberty Walk

This Miley Cyrus music video came out in November 2011, at the height of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which had begun in September. The movement, which challenged wealth inequality and the influence of corporations and big banks on government, started in the Wall Street district of New York City and subsequently spread to other cities across the globe. Protestors occupied public spaces that served as urban landmarks–squares, city halls, parks, etc. In this video, Cyrus creates an upbeat EDM anthem, telling protestors not to give up.


What is Myley Cyrus’s goal in creating this song/video? How does the chosen musical style (EDM) support her aims? What is the “liberty walk” she is referencing?

How do we get a sense of the size and scale of the Occupy movement?

How does the video depict police and their tactics? How does it depict protestors and their tactics (especially the use of signs and banners)? How does it depict and comment on media coverage of the movement?

Do you think occupying public space is an effective means of protest? Why? Why not? Does the answer depend on your identity at all?



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