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Milk (2008) is a biographical film (aka biopic) of former politician, gay rights activist, and first openly gay politician in California election history, Harvey Milk. The trailer shows Milk’s trajectory from activist to politician in late 1970s San Francisco. Shifting between Milk’s triumphs and obstacles, the film (and trailer) offers a window into the civil and political rights struggles of LGBTQ individuals during this period. While in his first year in office, Milk was assassinated by another city supervisor, Dan White.


What kind of picture does this trailer offer of Harvey Milk?

What are some of the obstacles and biases Milk (and other LGBTQ individuals) faced? How does the trailer present these obstacles?

Why does Milk talk about his anger at the rally? What is the crowd angry about? What is Milk hoping to achieve by acknowledging their anger?

The trailer ends with the line, “you gotta give them hope.” Who is he referring to? Why is hope important? Why does the trailer end with this line (as opposed to Milk’s assassination)?

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